We see ourselves as an idea factory for innovative and viable concepts.

Continuously reviewing and optimising our processes, we always keep informed about the latest developments.

We support you in the development and implementation of new and innovative event and sponsorship concepts, regardless of whether they are physical, virtual or hybrid events. Furthermore, we offer comprehensive consulting for the design, implementation and analysis of your event and can accommodate last-minute planning changes.

Thanks to our modern sponsoring concepts, platforms are created with the aim of marketing products, exchanging opinions and ideas and establishing contacts with potential customers. With fresh approaches, we will create additional incentives for all participants.

We guarantee professional exhibition management from A to Z. We plan, create and manage exhibitor arrangements and look after sponsors and exhibitors before, during and after the event.

The demands placed on events are constantly increasing. These days, it is not only the event itself that counts, but also the insights that can be gained from it for the future. We provide you with data for a holistic evaluation of your event and give you the opportunity to quantify successes and use optimisation potential for future events. Measuring the event impact contributes significantly to your ROI.

Physical, hybrid or virtual meetings. We develop innovative and workable concepts that make an impact.

We determine your needs and objectives to help you choose the right format for your event and ensure professional organisation and implementation. It is important we can respond to short-term changes and official regulations, so a Plan B is standard for us, in fact the new normal