We are connected and we connect.

With our extensive network in the fields of medicine, pharmaceuticals and science, we are breaking new ground and bringing the needs of all stakeholders down to a common denominator. This allows us to organise business events, conferences and meetings in a targeted manner. We thus create an ideal platform for companies to market their products and services. Universities, institutes, and associations interested in exchanging scientific findings also benefit from our comprehensive networking; the best prerequisites for forming profitable communities.

With our modern marketing strategies, we address the individual needs of the community of participants in order to meet the constantly growing demands with contemporary solutions. The participant is always our focus.

We create individual websites for the event, plan all the advertising materials, and organise the required production of printed materials.

Not only do we have innovative ideas, but thanks to our twenty years of experience in the industry, we also have the network to implement them. We work to create communities within the framework of the events we organise. Our extensive contacts in the medical, pharmaceutical and scientific sectors help us to do this. We connect organisers, participants, sponsors, and partners and create networks from which all participants benefit in the long term.

We organise social events to suit the occasion and budget, always considering the event-specific requirements, e.g., Pharma Code, congress philosophy, etc. Our aim is to break new ground, to ensure the best possible networking of participants, to create a sense of togetherness and ultimately to create communities that extend beyond the event. Our events are experiences that will be remembered.